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NameLast modifiedDescription
Parent Directory  
autopatch.d/2021-02-27 13:19 Software patches (EAPI < 6)
env/2021-03-01 20:01 Custom environment to apply to individual build processes
make.conf/2020-01-17 08:16 Standard environment to apply to all build processes
package.accept_keywords/2021-03-06 10:56 Software versions to use (stable, unstable, latest upstream)
package.mask/2021-07-17 02:34 Software versions to not use
package.use/2021-03-08 18:17 Software features to enable
patches/2021-03-21 07:59 Software patches (EAPI >= 6)
postinst.d/2020-01-05 03:50 Post-installation scripts
postsync.d/2020-01-07 23:27  
profile/2020-01-05 03:50 Site-specific overrides to /etc/portage/make.profile
repos.conf/2020-01-05 03:50 Software repositories
sets/2020-05-04 15:14 Packages required for each machine
bashrc2020-01-07 23:16 Support for post-installation scripts & patching EAPI < 6 software
suidctl.conf2021-05-27 07:47 Whitelist for setuid/setgid bits
world2021-09-26 20:03 Symlink from /var/lib/portage/world
world_sets2021-03-28 17:11 Symlink from /var/lib/portage/world_sets